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 Toilet Humored Cartoons


A Collection of Toilet Humor Sent By Friends


A Collection of Toilet Humor Sent By Friends




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The Dancing Teenager
Worlds Most Dangerous Creature
Worlds Most Dangerous Creature
The Doctor Is In
Two Specimens Compete
How We Feel About Winter
Finally, Music I Can Read
Beware the Wrong Phone
Pillsbury Doughboy
Where Croissants Come From
Elevator Smells
Elevator Problem
New Computer Mouse
The Difference Between Man & Woman
Drink Pepsi with a Twist
Dear Penis
Dear Penis
The Man Song
The Man Song
Cat With A Problem
The Window Washer
Jack In The Box French Fries
The Wedding Ring
How Can We Make This More Personal
Indecent Proposal
Hot To Stop Second Hand Smoke
Do you feel safe on an airplane
Save Toilet Paper
Senior Waterskiing
We LOVE Frog Legs
Ever forget what you did Last night?
Beware The Woomba
Is this a Mushroom?
Perrier Sparkling Water
The Lamborghini
The Birthday Vibrator
Is it Hot Outside?
Toilet Paper Holder
The Road Runner
Sheriff Wins The Lotto
The Ketchup Effect
Female Stress Reliever
The Piano Man
How To Clean Your Browser
The Amazing Kazoo
Office Olympics
Lessons From Garden of Eden
Men From Around The World
The Cat and the Mouse
Side Effects
Mood Killer
Gym Commercial
Hold My Beer
The Line Up
The Sheep Lover
Working in a Photo Gallery
New Kind of Spyware
Need glasses?
Sick Of Your Job?
People On The Street
Women from Around the World
Dog Cartoon
Cat and the Water Bill
Women In An Airplane
Wedding Bliss
Looking Inside a Man's Brain
What Your Computer Does at Night
The Lemonade Prank
Our Gas Problems Solved
Indecent Proposal
First Date
I'm giving up Sushi
If Senator Gore Were President
Daddy Cut the Big One
Give this Dog a Bone
Death by Viagra
Send a Mail Dancer
Send a Female Dancer
A Car Accident
A Driving Test
Beer or Women
Bud at the Beach
15 Top Country Songs
Before 6 Beers
Beer is Good For You
Beat your Boss
Strolling at the Beach
Blue Mooned Greeting Card
A frost gum commercial
Cold Birds Sitting on a Wire
Is Charlie Brown Allergic?
Insurmountable Odds
Let me hear it MEOW
Electric Toothbrush
I'm enjoying Life to the Max
Most Often Used Password by a Male
Back on the Farm
How to Avoid an Alligator Attack
You are Here
Ever have this happen to you?
Are you SURE you haven't been drinking?
Belly Button Tattoo
Singles Body Language
7 days of different faces
Recipe for Onion Rings
First Tennessee Lottery Winner
Eye Test: If you see Sheep
Cyber Sex
Poor Dog
Dr. Ruth
How ET got his long neck
Football for Women
Girdle Trick
Coochie Coo
3 new ideas from Japan
Virus Protection
Bizarre Want Ads
Mt. Rushmore from Behind
Men give relationship advise
Why More Women Don't Bungee Jump
Car Problems
A Light Bulb Problem
Measuring Height
It's So HOT
The Perfect Bra
How to Stop Drinking
Who Needs a Jack?
A Man's Mattress
Always look around corners
Safe Sex
Don't Drink and Walk Here
Plumber Puts Butt On The Line
Childrens Toilet Humor
Childrens Toilet Humor
New Type of Seatbelt
The German Coastguard
The Smartest Man in the World
What Old People Do For Fun
End of The World
Future World and Pizza
An Old Beer Advertisement
How Not to talk to the police
Pure Speculation
Just gotta be me
Cowboy and the Clown
The Maze
Child plays The Maze
The Enterprising Child
Qualities of a Good Realtor
Our Gas Problems Solved
Baby learns a new trick
History of Pole Dancing
Women in Soccer
Bird Flu Hits Florida
Like a Budweiser Commercial But Not
Front Independent Suspension
No You Can't
The Transplant
Ketchup and the Hot Dog
Taking A Sick Day
The Men's Room
Show Me
The Dog Bed
Moon River
High School and College Reunion Ideas
Choosing The Right Get Well Card
Installing Your New Sense Of Humor
More Proof of Global Warmin
Map of the Middle East
A Piano Duet
Exciting New BBQ Equipment
The Lucky Umbrella
Message To The Neighbor
Latest E. Coli Death From Spinich
The Talking Cats
Tropical Lettuce Alert
Good Day to Stay Home
Inside a Man's Brain
How Not To Break Out Of Jail
No One Is Above Suspicion
Everything is fine
How to get a ticket 101
Table Scraps
Our Computers Are Down
Another way to quit smoking
Children's Play Center
Two Monkeys and A Tattoo
Japanese Toilet Restaurant Theme
The Bug Zapper
New Airport Security Check-in Procedures
"Sushi Special" Nemo Style
Complicated Family Ballad
Political Promises
Important Safety Notice
Another Chicken Cartoon
The Duck Blind
Patience or Common Sense
Rising Gas Prices
Hooters Question
Crack Of Dawn
The First Politician
About Cat Food
Mirror Mirror
Introducing The New Itit
Planning For Retirement
A Remarkably Simple Solution
I Don't Think She's Coming Back
How To Get Men To Wash Their Hands
You Must Love Your Job For This
Anger Management
Gorilla Grip For Men
Bad Parenting
Outsourced Security System
Outsourced Employee of the Month
Outsourced Wiring Problem
Don't Judge Too Quickly
The Fly Story
Fisherman Gets Even
Who Came First
Long Hot Summer
Dating The Self Employed
Which Baby Are You
Tattoo Removal
Cat Houdini
Cell Phone Karma
New Wine Glass
Hold My Calls
How To Stop A Forest Fire
Fire Hydrant & The Dog
Needs Help Buying Shoes
Put The Lid Down
Granny Air Bag
Well It Made Me Laugh
Cagney & Lacey - The Restroom
Gas Money
Seeing Eye Dog
Cat In Heat?
The Y Generation
Give Me A Beer
The Retirement Home
Bad Cat Day
Father and Daughter
The Auto Mechanic
Mrs. Brown's Dirty Phone Call
Tennis For Seniors
Swimming For Seniors
Social Security Reform Bill
Born To Be Wild Seniors
Excitement in a Rest Home
Beware The Woomba
The Dangerous Sweater
Women and Pregnancy: Q & A
Sports Medicine
Why Men Like Playing Tennis at the Net
The Tennis "Let" Ball
The New Tennis Line Judge
Obsessed With Tennis
Great Scotch Commerical, For Women Only
Take My Son Please
Friendship Only Goes So Far
Guess This Commercial Before it Ends
Caveman Humor
Caught In The Act
New Government Currency
Ronald Reagan Tells Democratic Joke
Congress Votes To Outsource Presidency
A Bird and The Nudist Club
Dog's Fine Dining Experience
The Dangerous Piranha
The USA Recession
The Tree and the Puppy
Growing Old: The Bright Side
The Funny Dark Place
IKEA Job Interview
Puppy Gets Advise From Dad
Dog And a COLD Fire Hydrant
Dog Obedience School Grad
Upgrade Your Dental Plan
Heaven & The Septic Tank Explosion
This Dad Solves Kid Problems
Buttcicles and The Ice Cream Man
Love Birds vs. Lust Birds
Insurance Just Doesn't Cover This
A Very Special Hot Air Balloon
It Is HOT Here
How To Get A Date With Fifi
Intelligent Life or Not?
It's Not Easy Being Green
Ever Since We Met
I Think You Are Great!
Do You Smell OK?
The Parachute Game
A Perfect Woman For You
A Perfect Man For You
Elephant EnJoys A Good Meal
Indian Smoke Signals
The Handbag
New Vending Machine For Men
Online Shopping Problem
Airplane Landing Problem
The Airline Oxygen Mask
The Flight Simulator
The Dirty Floor
Who Stole My Fries
The Difference Between Cats and Dogs
The Smoking Caveman
Where The Word Boob Comes From
Manage Your Boss
The Organized Dog
Who Flushed The Water
Mother Of The Year
About Your Pants on the Ground
Pants On The Ground
Young Student and World Problems
How Old Couple Survived on Island
The Supervising Wife
We Proudly Recycle
Pinky The Cat
Golf, BigScreen TV and The Dog
The Cow and The Pole Vaulter
The Toilet Paper Rebuf
Where Did The Bird Go?
They Found Happy Airlines
The Evil Eye
Little Spermatoids Get Lost
The Gondola and Moon River
A Medical Opinion
Burning From Both Ends
The Reluctant Patient
New Wireless Technology
Mrs. Brown Gets A Bikini Wax
Nozzle Rage
Charlie Sheen Costume
The Flow Chart
Dad's New Facebook Account
You Deserve A Vacation
Hospital Strip Gone Wrong
The Stethoscope
Morning Dog Walk
Find Women Here
My New Sideburns
Visiting Uranus
My Gall Bladder Operation
One Final Challenge
Laying Bricks
Couples Massage
Funny Tiny Nude Men Clock
You Forgot a Word
This is Great Chili
Chili with Great Hot Sauce
How to Know when it's Time To Retire
We Need a New Mattress
How To Appreciate a Morning Person
If An Italian Were President
Bad Assed Texas Rabbit
Why Your Son Wants Ballet Lessons
Irish Traffic Lights
Old Man Finds New Love
The Funeral
Nursing Home Crafts
The Confession
Your File Is Missing
Making Pancakes
Hitchhiking After the age of 60
A Mother's Wedding Advice
Beach Bowling Game
Change The Ball's Color
I Warned the Cat
A Feeling That Lasts
Casual Friday: Cave Men Days
Casual Friday: Modern Day
Hand Shadows
Swimsuit Boutique
The Doctor's Advise
The Emphathetic Doctor
The Doctor's Diagnosis
Granddad's New Video Phone
Working From Home
Balancing Work With Golf
Tiger's Woods
How to Keep Golf Balls Clean
Groovin Granny
Autumn Years Dating Service
The Cucumber Sandwich
We Hear You
Got Milk?
Every Man's Dream
The Goldfish
New Camping Tools
Hazardous Working Conditions
Advise From The Booger Worm
Man and his Power Drill
Man and his Leaf Blower
Beware of Things Made In October
Short Safari Story
The Colon Exam
The Colonoscopy
What Else Haven't I Done
Why Men Shouldn't Own Action Figures
The Neighbor's Cat
The Snake Bite
What Time Is It
The Ultimate Summer Job
Why Men Wear Clothes
Use My Cell Phone
The Fireman Ad
The Carpet Man
Where's The Rake?
Two Seeing Eye Dogs
Best Milk Commercial Ever
Flossing On The Beach
One Way To Play Quoits
Oh Sure
How To Tell You're Going To Jail
How To Catch The Swine Flu
Sponsor An Executive
A Cat Named "Lucky"
Guess The Nationality
The Treasury Cow
New Hyundai Auto Incentives
The Haircut
OctoMom 2
OctoMom 1
Yorkshire Airlines
I'm Sorry Greeting Card
The Flasher
Bathroom Rules
Feel Young Again
The World According To Americans
Barbie Turns 50
Chicken Wings For A Man
House for Sale
Bunny Balloons
Snorkeling In Winter
Adam and Eve
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park 2
The Simple Truth
How About That Time?
The Perfect Closet
Let's Go For A Drink
First Class vs. Coach
Breath Right, Sleep Better In Bed
The New Corporate Logos
This Coffee Works For You
Designer Tie For The Office
Geting Your Printer To Work
Why Your Water Bill Is High
How I Lost My Marbles
Great Tequila
Winter Sucks
Meet Your Anesthesiologist
Tips For Seniors
How's Your Diet Coming
Ad in Medical Office
Alzheimer's Test
Sign Of The Times
The Bailout Poster
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Second Hand Smoke
Chicken And The Chips
There's Always A Way Out
Swiping For Gas
The Dawn-Keye Diet
Holy Toilet
Group Hug For Women
Definition Of Old
The Original Computer
Holiday Stress Reliever
Have You Converted Yet?
The Wife Song
I Love My New Computer
Be Careful Opening This Can
Beware of PMS
The Dueling Church Signs
I Like You
I Was Wondering
Forward This
Can You Hear Me Now
I'm Still Waiting
Latest In USB Flash
Ideal Stamp For Work
No More Job Complaints
A Hershey Kiss
Perfect 10's
Test Your Health
Carnal Apples
The Farmer's Daughter
The Farmer's 3 Daughters
Back Yard Romp
Look What I Did
Granny And The Cowboy
How Beer Works
New Car Alarm System
The Olive
Granny The Streetwalker
3 Kondome Bitte
Coffee in the Workplace
An Old Hunting Story
Just Checking On You
Kiss My Nose
Run Away Bay
Missing Partners
How To Create A Green Iguana
Future Of Airline Travel
What Color Is Her Hair?
Bra Size Letters
The New Dollar Bill
The Water Park
Catch Women With A Ferrari
Catch Women With A Corvette
Two Female Peacocks
So Many Pills, So Little Time
Crossing The Street
Two Old Bats
Best pool shot ever by
So... How's Your Day Going?
My New Business
Boomers: Born To Be Wild
Florida Bungee Jumping
Power Company Notice
Psychiatrist And The Son
Important Medical Study
Menopausal Women At The Mall
The USS Montana
Old Foggie Night
At The Beach
Refrigerator Magnet
Buy A Honda
Male Eye Chart
You Are One Sick Puppy
Redneck Tank Top
Cell Phone Etiquette
Groom's Wedding Cake
Dentist Pulls A Tooth
Where's The Tomatoes
Redneck Seafood
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I Lost My Toot
Hope You're Having a Good Day
New Stress Medicine
Adult Dog Store
Plight of the Bathroom Scale
The Leaky Pen
Don't Date this Man!
The Handbag
Picture of Moon from the Sky
Hiding in Holes for Dummies
The Magnetic Dog
Does anyone need a new bed?
New Disney T-Shirt
Wash your Mouse Every Morning!
Effective Method of Birth Control
Does Your Loved One Have The Flu?
The New Clinton Dollar
Keep your valuables safe during travel
A Bathroom Conversation
For Kitten Lovers
Which would you choose - Top or Bottom?
Snow and Traffic
Geico Insurance Ad
Has you computer been hijacked
Use This at Meetings
Neverland Souvenier
Color Blind Test
Mother and I
Grow Your Own Dope
I Hate getting older!
When the Pope is German
Two Police Dogs Talking
How to Get a Bull Out of The Pen
Explain This
Dirty Wife
How To Catch A Chicken
Kitty Cruelty
How to Look Younger in 5 hours
Why I Don't Play Hero
Female IT Experts
This is a bad day
Save for your retirement!
Client Video Conference
If Bush were a Girl
Martha Stewart Living Behind Bars
How Florida is staying alive
All is well except for this woodpecker
How to save money on horseshoes
Advise: How to Handle a Woman
Need New Office Furniture?
Keep your hubby alive?
Secret to Longevity
Look Very Close and you'll see the Ocean
The Quarter Horse
The World's Safest Toke
Typical Male, Why We Love Them
Fashionable Evening Gown
Interesting New Toilet
Interview with the Boss
Man Alone in the Forest
Alcohol Warning
Mental Health Hotline
A Dog goes to AA
Two Frogs Discussing Exotic Foods
Real Men vs. Real Women
How To Find Available Men
This IS my hubby
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Dear Family and Friends
Warning To My Family and Friends
Prank In The Park
Surprise For Door to Door Salespeople
Ice Cream
Print this for your office
The Dancing Eyeballs
Men, Fun and Relationships
Don't Do Drugs
Age Appropriate Clothing
Ka's Evil Twin 2
Ka's Evil Twin 1
Never be afraid to say what you feel
New Guy in Prison
An Office Moment
Bedtime Reading
Never Kiss a Monkey
Cell Phone Problem
Delicious Crime Scene
The Window Washer
Monthly Man
President Bush On The Border
Bush Screensaver
A Wonderful Toyota Day
Taking Responsibility
The Back Seat Dance
The 7 Dwarves of Menopause
One Way To Quiet Your Child
The Hair Cut
Wrong Turn
Bird Bath
Telecommuters on Casual Fridays
Why Coffee is Important on a Monday
Waiting for a Bonus
Twisted Smileycons
A Desperate Man
Day At The Beach
Customized Motorcycle
For Beer Lovers
Nissan Built for Lebanon
Exciting New BBQ Equipment
Romance and Shadows
Tribute to Bill Gate
Something Smells
Improve Your Golf Game
Hots Dogs the Podunk Way
Nudist Club & The Snorkel
Benefits of Tequila
Dads Share Diaper Changing Lessons
The Lip Balm Test
Niagara Love Toilets
Monkey and the Cop
Combining Our Holidays
Man Names New Boat
His Favorite Search Engine
Perfect Gift For A Man
Hate Your Job?
New Support Group
New Car Navigation System
Special Friends
Global Orgasm For Peace
The Sperm Bank
What Women Really Want
Leaping Lizards
Sharks and Diving Tanks
Spider Makes A Mistake
Playboy For The Blind
Being Single... Not So Bad!
Cubicle Song
Man Fights Back
Baby Bird Food
Scratching Solution
Shadow Play
Shadows In The Park
First Grade Reading In The 50's
Testing The Water
The Value Of Your Home
I'll Have What He Had
Childrens Take On Breast Feeding
Britain Is Ready For The Bird Flu
Soldier Enjoys Confinement
Having a Bad Day
Recycling Center Just For Men
Dear Diary
New Management Idea
Help For Your Dog's Depression
Leave Me Alone
How To Stop Enabling Your Child
Office Rumor
Couple Solves Doorbell Problem
Fate Worse Than Fate Worse Than Death
Getting To Know Caroline
Latest Chinese Toy Recall
Hillary The Nut Cracker
Greetings From New York
Wake Up
Application For Night Out
The Mole Story
Does Your Computer Have A Virus
Say Ahhhh
Behind The Curtain
Donkey And The Onion
Psycho Cats
Smoker's Dilemma
Pigs At The Beach
Proof The Irish Discovered The Jig
Read The Instructions
How Rumors Start
Girl In A Bar
Why I Quit Drinking
New Political Cereal
Video To Mom and Dad
Bad Boy
Who's A Good Boy
Computer's Crash
The Perfect Woman
Why Your Dog Won't Come In
Why Men Have Big Toolboxes
Arm And A Leg
Skydiving Equipment
Scottish Bar Stool
Scottish Sobriety Test
On Cremation
The Resignation
The Schitt Family
Home Improvement Tool
A Useless Man
Brighten Your Day
IRS Offers New Product
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