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slapstart.comSOAns1.bluehost.comroot.box354.bluehost.com200905240286400 7200 3600000 300 IN 43200
slapstart.comTXTv=spf1 a mx ptr ?allArrayIN14400

Received from the first DNS server

Request to the server ""
You used the following DNS server:
DNS Name:
DNS Server Address:
DNS server aliases:

HEADER opcode: REQUEST, status: NOERROR, id: 26600
flag: qr aa rd ra REQUEST: 1, ANSWER: 6, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 2


ANSWER SECTION: 14400 IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ptr ?all" 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 14400 IN MX 0 14400 IN A 86400 IN SOA 2009052402 86400 7200 3600000 300

SECTION NOTES: 14400 IN A 14400 IN A

Received 242 bytes from address in 80 ms

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Request to the server ""
You used the following DNS server:
DNS Name:
DNS Server Address:
DNS server aliases:

HEADER opcode: REQUEST, status: NOERROR, id: 32083
flag: qr aa rd ra REQUEST: 1, ANSWER: 6, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 2


ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN NS 14400 IN A 86400 IN NS 14400 IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ptr ?all" 14400 IN MX 0 86400 IN SOA 2009052402 86400 7200 3600000 300

SECTION NOTES: 14400 IN A 14400 IN A

Received 242 bytes from address in 80 ms

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continent: NA, country: United States (USA), city: Provo

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rank in the traffic statistics: 179 895

page wievs - daily average: 752

page views - monthly average: 22 548

visitors - daily average during last 30 days: 119

visitors during last 30 days: 3 579

estimated daily income from ads: 16 USD

estimated monthly income from ads: 483 USD

estimated website value: 19 171 USD

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website build using CSS

code weight: 94.75 KB

text per all code ratio: 30 %

title: SlapStart: Featuring a new start-up every Monday

description: We find creative and compelling ways to introduce new start-ups.

keywords: review companies, startups, start-ups, review, slap, critique, business growth, business startup, article, sales, business, service, SEO, profile, marketing blog, blog, marketing campaign, business advertising, marketing promotion, promotion, internet advertising

encoding: UTF-8

language: en

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You can4
can be4
all the4
to the4
of their3
the landing3
you can3

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Replo: Tracking Ad Efficacy




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Megascopes: Share ideas and answers
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Sentinel Monitoring: Is your server down
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Niggle It: A Timely Reminder
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The Stock Sonar: Bottom Line News Summaries
Agilewords: Online Document Collaboration
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Phanoto: Sports fan photo bonanza
TodaysDOD: The Ultimate Deals
Wappwolf: Run with the pack
StickerYou: Custom stickers for you
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ServiceM8: Delivery Service Made Easy
Numote: The New Remote
Dizeo: Safe Social Networking for Kids
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Grading Place: Grade Papers Online
SEOprofiler: Intelligent Backlinks
Med Wait Time: The Wait is Over
BeenAsked: All the Questions in Life
Sitespotter: Finding Expired Domains
Lookeen: Mail Search Made Easy
ChatPast: History Recorded
Blue Chip Career: Aim Higher
PhotoLinkage: Staying Connected Through Pictures
Deal4Meals: Food for Thought
Syncfriend: Safekeeping your Contacts
Sensational Jobs: Sensational Site
iCouponOnline: Getting the Deals
CosaNote: Accounting for your Goods
NeighborTree: Connecting Communities
ReadEasy: Defining Inline
PortfolioRunner: Trading like the Pros
FireField: Hometown Sports Central
ConnectCV: Your Resume. Your Job.
AlwaysOnPC: There’s an App for That
QuickFuse: A Tale of Two Grids
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Supervise and Protect Your Kids Online: Three Simple Keys
AccPal: Money Management Made Easy
Zorap: A Site to See
Car Insurance Companies: Unraveling the Insurance Mysteries
Inboxharmony: Achieve e-mail nirvana
Mixform: Online Portfolios for Artists
Bliss: Your music library management organizer More Cowbell
Sylights: Lights, Camera… Diagrams!
Bodalgo: I’m hearing voices
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Sayvee: Content-rich toolkit for artist websites
Inside Hospitality: The Inside Scoop
MailVU: Mail You Can View
SMS Matrix: A Marketer’s Dream
Kumbooka: Where Stuff Meets
Piquo: Elegant photo sharing
Don’t fight a Bidding War! It’s a Losing Fight! Simply goSnipe!
Fonize: Let your customers call you, boost online sales
Jibidee: The place we’ll one day be
FlashUSAmap: Put Your Website On The Map
Panopta: A scalable outage management service
StyleCheckUp: Which Dress Looks Best
StackMeUp: Compare, get advice, set goals
FindTheBest: You Decide What’s Best
GoSnipe: A free auction sniper
BidaGig: Platform for independent and freelance artists to find work
Linktrack: Free link tracking
Travel Phrasebook: Your guide to foreign languages
Goldhat: Connecting patrons and creatives
CoupRecoup: Luxury On Any Budget
YouTubetoMP3: Convert YouTube jams!
BriteTab: Create awesome interactive resumes
BeyondCredentials: Beyond traditional job boards
Web-Based Software: Find The Right Web App For You
EnvelopeHD: Your Web-based help desk
SignatureConfirm: Easy online contract management
Interestmix: Rate stuff and meet people all at once
YouTern: Your one-stop internship portal
Tours by Locals: Trust the experts
WebClip: Save Only What You Want
Sign-Up-Sheet: Take Your Party To The People
MarcatoMusician: All-in-one artist management
SellMoo: Penny auction bliss
RecipeChimp: Ingredient-based search engine Express yo-self (with icons) before you wreck yo-self
WorldlyPeople: A social network for intrepid travelers
Unanimous Craft: Your indie business directory
Purebulk: A no-frills nutritional supplement marketplace
WaterMyBlog: Turning your blog into SEO gold
Treidr: A better way to buy and sell online
Workstreamer: Real-time, aggregated business intelligence
Nutty Mp3: One-stop MP3s search engine
MovieDiver: Put That Broadband Connection To Work
OnRead: Read The Best Books For Free
TorrentsLand: The Holy Spirit or something else? You decide
TorrentsLib: Where the tags are poetry
TorrentsLibrary: The name says it all
TypePDF: A PDF search engine
Threadbox: All-in-one, e-mail-less collaboration
InfoDome: An intuitive online database platform
My Scenic Drives: Embrace the open road
FotoFriend: Print your Facebook photos!
FamZoo: Teach your children sound money management
RadioTuna: Spanning the online radio universe
WebinarListings: So many webinars, so little time
SaveMyTable: End-to-end (restaurant) customer management
FinalFolder: Effortless (and free) document archiving Hire faster, better, cheaper
Fixr: Find a contractor, name your price
BreweryFans: Dank-brew nirvana
Yubby: Drag n’ drop video aggregation, man!
Earthtunnel: Burrow below the planet, one image at a time
Ben’s Outlet: Gadgets For Geeks
Vyoopoint: Online collaboration gold for designers
Bccthis: Twitter Better
Youtellyou: Unlocking the power of photo-stories
Anveo: Flexibily and deliciously configure your voice platforms
ZippyCart: Compare, Contrast, and Choose The Right Ecommerce Solution
Traffic Light Feedback: Customer satisfaction paradise by the, eh, traffic Light
Shiftplanning: Taking the hassle out of employee work scheduling
DonorCharge: Giving to non-profits was never this easy
FootPrint Live: Get your spy on with real-time visitor analytics
Bccthis for Outlook: contextualize your emails, avert disaster
Propadoo: Positive testimonials gone viral!
ScoopGods: Exposing Existential Truths Using Humor
ReputationArmor Fights For Your Good Name
BoonSpace: Give cash with a personal touch
emotify: Make your content emotionally available
forwardOn: Share Content The Smart Way
qmpeople - Not your grandfather’s dating site
Youblisher: Flip through documents all real world-style
TriYou: Make lists & get your book/movie/music on
SellBizToday: Harnessing social networks to buy & sell businesses
Niceletter: Compose Letters, Get The Job, Impress Your Friends
Translationzilla: Learning languages shouldn’t be this fun
Personera: Personalized Print Calendars Made From Your Facebook Content
SVET: Bringing order to project management chaos
KartMe: Organize, Compare, and Share The Web
h2desk: Your Help Desk Helper
NoNotes: Furiously Scribbling College Students Take Note
Imeetzu: Embrace Randomness
LocalKidzStuff: Finding Fun in Your Own Backyard
Favorpals: A World Without Money
ResidentVisitor: Been There, Done That
Moonit: Your Destiny Awaits Shares It Safe, Simple, And Well
StudyLance: Tutors at your Fingertips
Kevutu: What Do You Want?
Tweecha: To Get a Following
Chit Chat: Instant Messenger for Facebook
Zorap: Let’s Meet!
Zoomwit: You’ve Got Video
Freelance Radar: Free Information
Yak About it: Inventor’s Heaven
Dating Couch: Couch Potatoes in Space
Coin That Phrase: Say What?
Make A Dare: I Dare You
Craigsly: Automated Craigslist Search
DeTinyIt: Making Short URL’s Long Again
Rollip: How to Polaroid a Picture
Check My Colours: Stop Beating up Blind People
Vistor Contact: Let’s Stay in Touch
Pictaculous: Finally a Useful Color Selector
Tagito: Selling Digital Media Online
Yarp: Come to the Party!
View Docs Online: Another Way to Share Documents
Files Over Miles: P2P File Transfer World’s Shortest Url for Short Urls Rip Chords From Your Favorite Songs
Iconfu: Icons for You
Rhymer: A Site that Works

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