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title: LEAN Innovations - Custom metal and masonite display boards. 1-888-LEAN-MFG

description: Supply custom metal and masonite display boards , toolboards and 5S point of use tool storage systems. Pegboard is a unique square perforation design

keywords: Lean Manufacturing, Lean Production, Lean, Point of Use, Tooling, Tool Storage Systems, Toolboards, Shadowboards, Tool Boards, Shadow Boards, 5S, Waste of Motion, Workplace Organization, Workplace Cleanliness, Muda, Seiton, JIT, TPS, Visual Workplace, Kanban, Display Boards, Visual Factory, Gwendolyn Galsworth, Pegboard, Hooks, Nonvalue-added activities, Waste, Motion, Manufacturing Excellence, Production, Kennedy Manufacturing, Shingo Prize, Malcolm Baldrige Award, ISO, Quality Systems, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Toronto, GTA, storage, automotive, machining, mechanic, tool crib, precision, machining, tooling, school, technical, shop, visual factory, visual workplace, visual organization, visual, visual order, workplace order, visual systems, visual controls, visual triggers, visual displays, visual problem solving, visual metrics, visual guarantees, poka-yoke, poka yoke, visual thinker, poka yoke, poke-yoke, poke yoke, visual concepts, visual methods, visual tips, visual principles, visual where, 5s+1, 5S, workplace speak, visual improvement, the visual thinker, visual workspace, item recoil, order, 5y's, 5y, smed, tpm, value, takt, qfd.

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