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title: Gray Line Canada - Home

description: Gray Line Vancouver offers charters, overnight vacation packages, sightseeing tours and adventure package tours in Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria.

keywords: Discovery Pass, charters, Vancouver sightseeing, Canada, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Toronto tours, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Seattle, Pacific Northwest, Greyhound sightseeing, Gray Line sightseeing, Canadian sightseeing, Vacation packages, Canadian vacations, Vancouver Island, Ski Express, ski vacations, Vancouver Harbour tours, water tours, Gray Line tours, Grayline, Grayline tours, Vancouver tours, Grayline charters, Rocky Mountaineer Train, Canadian Rockies, Vancouver vacations, sightseeing, guided tours, tour, tours, city tours, local tours, bus, minibus, Grouse Mountain, Capilono Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park, 2010 Olympics, Alaska, cruise, British Columbia, transportation, Vancouver International Airport, Vancouver pictures, Vancouver attractions, Vancouver BC, Vancouver British Columbia, Alaska cruises, Vancouver evening tours, Vancouver overnight packages, Vancouver packages, Alaska cruise packages, whale watching, Vancouver whale watching, Halifax

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Gray Line
Explore Canada. Vacation Packages, Sightseeing Tours, Charters
Toronto, Niagara, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver








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