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title: Essential Vermeer

description: A complete overview of the life, work and artitic milieu of the 17th-century Dutch Paining Master Johannes Vermeer

keywords: Johannes Vermeer, Jan Vermeer, Vermeer, Vermeercentrum, Vermeer Center, Dutch masters, Dutch art, school of Delft, Delft, Girl with a Pearl Earring, vermeer posters, Girl in Hyacinth Blue, Brush with Fate, Jonathan Janson, Mauritshuis

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Essential Vermeer

camera obscura

Woman with a Water Pitcher


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vermeer exhibition
vermeer books
Vermeer selft portrait
The Love Letter, Johannes Vermeer
Vermeer in Japan



Essential Vermeer


essential vermeer resources

site additions & vermeer developments


essential vermeer resources

site additions & vermeer developments


Vermeer Exhibition Catalogue

Vermeer's Love Letter Travels to Russia

Vermeer’s Guitar Player to be exhibited away from the Kenwood in 2012

4 Vermeers Travels Cambridge

Gangsters and Vermeer: Will we ever see Vermeer's stolen Concert again? Perhaps yes.

Vermeer's Lady Writing joins the Woman in Blue reading a letter in trip to Japan

An Interview with E. Randol Schoenberg

Multi-media Vermeer Catalogue

Vermeer-related publication



internal links

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click here
Vermeer's paintings in scale
Vermeer's signatures
Vermeer paintings in their frames
geographical distribution of Vermeer's paintings
Vermeer's clients and patrons
missing Vermeers
The Dissius auction
the formation of the Dissius collection
eyewitness accounts of Vermeer's paintings
Vermeer's lost self-portrait
evidence for a Vermeer self-portrait
Vermeer's work in context
rediscovery: Thor
Vermeer's painting technique
Vermeer's palette
details of Vermeer's painting technique
Vermeer and the camera obscura
virtual reconstruction of Woman with a Water Pitcher
why did Vermeer paint so few works?
books on Vermeer's technique
Randol Schoenberg
Paul Taylor
Jonathan Lopez
Timothy Brook
Louis Peter Grijp
Ivan Karp
Albert Blankert
John Michael Montias
Philip Steadman
Ivan Gaskell
Robert D. Huerta
Lorenzo Renzi
Susan Vreeland
Tracy Chevalier
Brush with Fate
: a behind-the-scenes view of how Girl in Hyacinth Blue was painted
recent novels, poems and films inspired by Vermeer's painting
Johannes Vermeer bookshop
dating of Vermeer's painting
geographical distribution of Vermeer's paintings
research Vermeer's art by topic`
online Dutch art cultural resources
getting started with selected books and videos
selected Vermeer websites
complete Vermeer websites
Dutch art by subject
exh. catalogues of Dutch art
Dutch culture & history
old master painting technique
Vermeer's painting technique
Proust & Vermeer: "petit pan de mur jaune."
Han van Meegeren case
about this site
how to contribute, it may cost you nothing
online puzzles of two Vermeers
timeline of Vermeer's life
Vermeer's life
chronology of Vermeer's life
Vermeer the man
Catharina & Johannes
Catholicism, Delft & Vermeer
Vermeer's children
Vermeer's women
Vermeer's family tree
Vermeer's name
Vermeer marriage in Schipluiden
10 Vermeer-related documents
the School of Delft
the Saint Luke's Guild of Delft
timeline of Dutch painters
timeline of European artists
the Golden Age of Dutch art
pioneers of Dutch art
gallery of Dutch 17th-c. masterpieces
7 Dutch masters in depth
subject matter of domestic interiors
lace and lacemaking in the 17th c
Antonie Leeuwenhoek
birth of the United Provinces
Constantijn Huygens
economics and Dutch painting
photographic impressions of Delft
Vermeer's neighborhood (3 parts)
Delft in Vermeer's time
Vermeer places in Delft today
folk music in the time of Vermeer
The Carillon: Vermeer's musical companion
current international Vermeer events
past E.V. newsletters
art terms and name pronounced in Dutch
Dutch pronunciation of 55 masters of the Golden age of Dutch painting
Arnold Bon's 1667 elegy in which Vermeer's name is mentioned.
Vermeer: Master of Light
five part of Vermeer's life and European history and culture
European painters in Vermeer's time
painting in Europe 1200-1900
historical maps of Delft
locate Dutch painters from their birthplaces on an interactive map of the Netherlands with timeline included
map of 17th-c. Netherlands with pronunciation of the names of major Dutch artist and centers of art production
Dutch 17th-c. art
Dutch painting masters
painting technique of Vermeer and the great masters
Dutch & Flemish masters
videos, cinema, novels and poetry inspired by Vermeer's painting
Dutch history
external research sources (publications and web sites) for researching numerous particular topics concerning Vermeer's art, life and social milieu.
museums & their websites of Vermeer's paintings
museums with significant Dutch 17th-c. painting collections
list of major art museums in the Netherlands
Planning on seeing one or more Vermeer paintings on your next trip? Consult the All Vermeers in the World Travel Companion to find out all the travel information you need before visiting all the cities where Vermeer paintings are located.
latest vermeer events
vermeer f.a.q
get free vermeer and delft wallpapers
Guitar Player
The Lacemaker
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter
Lady Writing
Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid
E. Randol Schoenberg
Art of Painting
The Interactive Vermeer Catalogue

external links

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vermeer prints & posters
Rembrandt prints & posters
9 free Vermeer desktop wallpapers
Rembrandt van Rijn (
etchings &
Jonathan Janson
Get yourself a daily serving of inside news, images and discussions on Vemeer, art history as well as the traditional and contemporary art scene.
Vermeer Centre
Vermeer Center Delft
purchase exhibition catalogue from Fitzwilliam Museum online shop
Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
How to Paint Your Own Vermeer: Recapturing Materials and Methods of a Seventeenth-Century Master