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title: Detox Your World

description: Raw food, living food and vegan food all under one roof! True health products such as oxygen therapies, magnotherapy and books to make you wonderful. Shazzie, the author of Naked Chocolate presents the UK's first raw organic chocolate bars.

keywords: Raw chocolate, raw organic chocolate, raw food, raw vegan food, raw vegan online shop, vegan food, Naked Chocolate, David Wolfe, Shazzie, raw cacao, raw chocolate recipes, organic chocolate, Detox Your World, detox, detox book, detox recipes, raw food recipes, Shazzie's detox delights, detox retreat, vegan, vegetarian, UK, Cambridge, England, Great Yarmouth, detox retretas in UK, vegan recipes, juicer, infra red sauna, kate wood, raw magic, supplements, living food recipes, living food, living foods, organic, healthy, weight loss, lose weight, pamper, relax, chill out, enjoy, rejuvenate, yoga, Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites, fruit, vegetables, juice, vegetable juice, fruit juice, fruit diet, fruit cleanse, juice cleanse, fast, fasting, diet, dieting, fitness, fat, overweight, underweight, goal weight, target weight, cellulite, acne, spots, disorder, illness

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Mulberries, dried, raw, vegan, organic

Cashew nuts, raw, organic

Lucuma powder, organic

Price: £16.99

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Your health is our business

08700 113 119** or 01493 442000

Ecstatic love

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Call our sales team. 08700 113 119
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Ecstatea: I love being a man
Ecstatea: I love being a woman
Ecstatea: I'm in my flow
Ecstatea: My life is perfect
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Ecstatic Beings: 144,000 ways to ecstatic bliss
Shazzie's detox delights and Detox Your World
All Shazzie's FIVE books, multibuy
Shazzie's three books at a low price!
Detox Your World
Evie's Kitchen: Raising an ecstatic child
Naked Chocolate
Shazzie's detox delights
Raw Britannia
Superfoods by David Wolfe
Clear Skin by Karen Jessett
RawReform: How to go Raw for Weight Loss
The Holistic Beauty Book
Schizandra and the Gates of Mu
Aggressive Health by Mike Nash
There Is A Cure For Diabetes
The Drinks Are On Me By Veronika Sophia Robinson
The Raw Greek by Gina Panayi
Living Food For Health
Gillian McKeith's Ultimate Health Plan
You Are What You Eat
You Are What You Eat Cookbook
Baby Greens
Left in the dark
Raw Food Fast Food by Philip McCluskey
Messages from water volume II
Messages from water volume III
The Sunfood Diet Success System
Eating For Beauty
The Complete Book of Raw Food
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Depression-Free for Life
The Juice Master's Slim 4 Life
The Juice Master's Ultimate Fast Food
Conversations with God
The Raw Gourmet
Conscious Eating
Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine
Raw, Klein and Trotter
Eat Smart Eat Raw
Raw Living
Power Juices, Super Drinks
The Ringing Cedars of Russia
The Space of Love
Who Are We?
The Book of Kin
The Energy of Life
The New Civilisation
Rites of Love
Get Fresh! Spring 09 (magazine)
Get Fresh! Autumn 08 (magazine)
Get Fresh! Spring 10 (magazine)
Get Fresh! Spring 08 (magazine)
Get Fresh! Summer 08 (magazine)
Videos, DVDs, Tapes
Shazzie's raw food delights DVD series
Food Matters DVD
Transforming Your Life With Raw Foods DVD
Simply Raw: Reversing diabetes in 30 days
Beat Arthritis Naturally DVD by Dale Pinnock
Sweet Fire DVD
Fabulous Fats DVD
Exercise & yoga
prAna ECO Yoga mat
Yantra Mat (modern day bed of nails)
Food & ecstatic foods
Temptress handmade raw organic chocolate bar
Goddess handmade organic raw chocolate bar
Siren handmade raw organic chocolate bar
Intacta handmade raw organic cacao bar
Empress handmade raw organic chocolate bar
Desire handmade raw organic chocolate bar
Raw cacao & almond spread, Shazzie's
Maca, organic
Cacao nibs, organic
Cacao liquor (100% cacao mass), organic, raw
Cacao beans with skins, organic
Goji berries
Lucuma powder
Raw cacao butter, organically certified
Raw cacao powder, organic
Incan berries, raw, organic
Mulberries, dried, raw, vegan, organic
Almonds, organic
Purple corn extract powder, organic
Acai powder, dried, organic
Raw organic coconut oil, Viridian
Live Wheatgrass juice
Purple corn flour, raw, organic
Raw superfood kale chips baobab
Ginseng crackits, raw
Reishi crackits, raw
Hoshou crackits, raw
Raw superfood kale chips wasabi
Raw superfood kale chips cheesie
Camu camu berry powder, raw, organic
Organic Apple & Cinnamon Granola
Organic Supergreen Flax Crackers
Organic Flax Fire Crackers
Organic Basil & Olive Crackers
Organic Cashew & Sage Crackers
Bitter apricot kernels, organic
Whole hemp seeds, organic
Shelled hemp seeds, organic
Dr Martin's Coco Drink, organic
Brazilian ginseng, raw, organic
Blue Manna
Crystal Manna
E3Live frozen algae
E3 Renew Me
Hemp protein powder
Nature's Living Superfood
Really raw carob powder, organic, raw
Pure Synergy
Agave nectar, raw, organic
Dark agave nectar, raw, organic
Sea salad
Japanese sea vegetable salad
Himalayan crystal rock salt, fine ground
Himalayan crystal rock salt, coarse
Raw, organic white almond butter
Raw, organic whole almond butter
Raw organic hempini
Raw, organic tahini
Olives Et Al -- Aussie Olives
Olives Et Al -- Classic Olives
Olives Et Al -- Moorish Olives
Olives Et Al -- Pistou Olives
Olives Et Al -- Sunshine Olives
Olives Et Al -- Verde Olives
Wheatgrass powder, organic
Yacon syrup, raw, organic
Coconut oil / coconut butter
Cashew nuts
Guarana powder, raw, organic
Gillian McKeith’s Organic Energy Food Bar
Fruit and Coconut Balls
Truly Juicy Apricot & Almond Raw Energy Bar
Spicy Buckwheat Bites
Zingy Lemon & Ginger Raw Rolls
Tangy Apple & Cinamon Raw Rolls
Flax Raw Crackers Piquant
Flax & Herb Raw Crackers
Gillian McKeith's Organic Goji Berry Food Bar, veg
Intensely Italian Raw Crispbread
Provencale Raw Crispbread
Flax Pumpkin Crackers
Deeply Dense Raw Pitta Bread
Gillian McKeith’s Natural Love Food Bar, vegan
Gillian McKeith’s Organic Vitamin C Food Bar, vega
Gillian McKeith’s Organic Cacao Bean Food Bar
Gillian McKeith's Organic Hemp Seed Food Bar
Gillian McKeith's Organic Energy Powder
Gillian McKeith’s Organic Energy Bites Mini Food B
Juice in a Bar -- VEGGIE
Juice in a Bar -- SUPERFRUIT
Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice
Aloe Ferox Juice
Nopal Cactus
Synergy Natural Organic Chlorella Tablets
Greener Grasses
Pure Planet Red Marine Algae plus Spirulina
Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton
Organic Spirulina from Synergy
Organic premium raw pumpkin seeds
Synergy Super Greens, organic, raw
Synergy Barley Grass, organic, raw
Chia seeds, raw
O-Mega-Zen-3 vegan DHA
Viridian vitamin D2, vegan
Viridian vitamin K2
Viridian mushroom complex
Vitashine vitamin D3 spray
OxCgen colon cleanser
Nature's Biotics
Nature's Biotics for Children
MSM pure crystal flakes
MSM capsules
Oil -- Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend
Enzymes -- Udo's Choice Digestive Enzymes Blend
E3 Enzymes Capsules
E3 Enzymes Powder
Gillian McKeith’s 24 Hour Detox Plan
Vita Synergy For Men
Vita Synergy For Women
Gentlemen's PQ: Daily Multiple
Oxydrops Stabilized Oxygen
Zeolites, Waiora
BasoSan Alkaline Drink
Super Silica Plus
Body Alkalizer -- Alkaline Booster
Truly Natural Vitamin C
Aloe Ferox Powder (vegicaps)
Ionic Calcium
Ionic Chromium
Ionic Copper
Ionic Germanium
Ionic Gold
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Ionic Iron
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Ionic Potassium
Ionic Platinum
Ionic Selenium
Ionic Silver
Ionic Sulphur
Ionic Zinc
Ionic Water of Life
Etherium Gold Powder
Aulterra Powder
Etherium Pink Powder
Etherium Red Powder
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Chamae Rose
InnerTalk CDs
Better life InnerTalk CDs
Better life InnerTalk CDs
Developing compassion
Up from depression
Safe driving
Freedom from technophobia
Soaring self-esteem
Freedom from fears
Healing the past
Releasing anger
End stuttering
Releasing fears and doubts
Neat and tidy
Positive mental attitude
Freedom from nail biting
Ending bad dreams
Guilt free
Have it all
Optimism plus
Joy of humour
Sleep reduction
Accepting change
Freedom from hair loss
Be alert -- stay safe
Living in now
Body InnerTalk CDs
Body InnerTalk CDs
Weight loss now
Natural breast enlargement
Using metabolism to melt fat away
Joy of exercise and being fit
Quantum younging
Firm body
Weight and muscle gain
Children InnerTalk CDs
Children InnerTalk CDs
Respect and good manners
Freedom from television
Especially for young children
Positive interactions for young people
Positive parenting
I can: building a child's esteem
Successful children
Stress in school
Comfortable pregnancy
Wonder of childbirth
Just for newborns
Joy of school
Freedom from bed wetting
Habits and addictions InnerTalk CDs
Habits and addictions InnerTalk CDs
Stop smoking
Freedom from substance abuse
Impulse control
Freedom from alcohol
Re-scripting the child within
Ending co-dependent patterns
Health and wellbeing InnerTalk CDs
Health and wellbeing InnerTalk CDs
Freedom from back pain
Freedom from stress
Accelerated healing and well-being
Freedom from headaches
Natural pain relief
Lowered blood pressure
Sleep soundly
Powerful immune system
Freedom from allergies
Freedom from arthritis
Freedom from junk food
Clear skin
Pre and post operative
Living healthily through menopause
Freedom from sugar
Positive carer
Keen vision
PMS relief
Eating disorders
Learning InnerTalk CDs
Learning InnerTalk CDs
Genius power
School is FUNdamental
Accelerated learning & study
Excel in exams
Powerful memory
Word power: spelling and vocabulary
I am a great reader
Mathematics is easy
Infinitely creative
Creative writing
Relationships InnerTalk CDs
Relationships InnerTalk CDs
Attracting and enhancing romance, intimacy & love
Releasing the fear
Confidence with the opposite sex
Overcoming shyness
I am charismatic
Positive relationships
Healing emotional pain
Magnetic personality
Attracting the right love relationship
Freedom from jealousy
Spirituality InnerTalk CDs
Spirituality InnerTalk CDs
Miracle mindedness
Awakened dreaming
Contact meditation
Coherent emotion
Conscious connectedness
Using dreams for problem solving
Exploring remote viewing
Spiritual healing
Conscious expansion
Connecting with the force
Metaphysical oneness
Love, light and life
Opening up to a higher power
Joyous day
Increasing spiritual quotient
Astral projection (remote viewing)
Psalm 91
23rd psalm
Power of the spirit
Viewing auras
Remembering past lives: reincarnation
The Lord's Prayer
The "I am" presence
Expect a miracle (miracles)
Ahimsa -- respect for life
Yoga meditations
Opening & balancing the chakras
Excellence in sports InnerTalk CDs
Excellence in sports InnerTalk CDs
Winning sports performance
Body building
Success InnerTalk CDs
Success InnerTalk CDs
Ending self-destructive patterns
Accepting constructive criticism
Strategic planning and peak performance
Ultra success power: health, wealth & youth
Manifesting your vision
Ultra enthusiasm
Building your personal icon: find your life path
Millionaire orbit
Self disciplined and determined
Powerful salesperson
Telephone sales
End procrastination
Networking for sales
Personal power
Money management
Organised and efficient
Time management
Large mixed mystery pack
Medium mixed mystery pack
Small mixed mystery pack
The personal bits
Enema/Douche Kit
aquaDOT (water hamoniser)
wi-fiDOT (wi-fi harmoniser)
bioDOT (personal harmoniser)
electroDOT (electromagnetic harmoniser)
Ozonated olive oil
Food grade hydrogen peroxide -- 3%
Phone dome
Compu dome
Patch It patches
Lovely things for you
Mesquite, organic, raw
Gift vouchers
Fridge magnet
Clarity Rainbow Essence
Women's motivational necklace
Man's motivational wristlet
Argan Oil (Virgin)
Balance Rainbow Essence
Rhassoul clay
Love Rainbow Essence
Soulmates Rainbow Essence
Organic cotton shopping bag
VitalityRainbow Essence
Exfoliating glove
Confidence Rainbow Essence
Soap nuts
Trauma Release Rainbow Essence
Himalayan crystal large rock salt for bathing
Pure Moroccan henna
Sun-dried Green Clay Face Pack
Detox Living Massage Bar
Living Facial Cleanser
MSM Beauty Spray
MSM Beauty Cream
Rose geranium organic raw soap
Lavender organic raw soap
Cool and refreshing organic raw soap
For Her Babies Living Cream
Raw Chocolate Face Pack
Living Beauty Massage Bar
Floral Face Toner
Vegan lip balm
Aloe Ferox Fitness Gel
Aloe Ferox Brown Gel
Aloe Ferox White Gel
Organic Blue body Lotion
Organic Blue shampoo
Organic Blue conditioner
Organic Blue shower gel
Pure English rose water
Organic Blue body scrub
Vermont's natural chamomile shampoo and body wash
Black pumice stone
Organic Hibiscus Bubble Bath
Organic Golden Massage Oil
Micro Neo
Knee wrap
Carpal wrap
Thumb wrap
Complete body wrap
The Senza
Link bracelet
Techno amulet
Stress buster all weather cover
Eye mask
Neck wrap
Power band
Pet pillow
Pet pillow cover
Pet collar
Pet water coaster
Pillow pad all weather cover
Golfer's bangle
Golfer's bangle 2
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Detox Your World Paints The Town Orange
Empress Brings Raw Chocolate Lovers To Their Knees
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Detox Your World spreads some Christmas Love
Superfoods UK Enterprise Ring Is Launched
Shazzie Stars In Raw Food World Summit
We've Had Babies
Raw Magic by Kate Magic Wood Released
Leading Online Retailer Relocates As Business Booms
Evie’s Kitchen: Raising an ecstatic child
Passion goes virtual, green and global
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A Decade Of Detoxing
Organic raw chocolate powder new to the UK
Shazzie's Detox Delights Now In Its Sixth Edition
Raw food guru David Wolfe is coming to the UK
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Detox Your World book is published
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