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title: Brand Lighting - Call 800-585-1285 for FREE Shipping, Sales & Specials!

description: Competitive Pricing and FREE SHIPPING Talk to our Lighting Consultants at 800-585-1285! Name Brand Lighting at Designer Discounts direct to you. Brand Lighting is a Lighting Showroom in Hallandale, Florida. Have your lighting shipped directly to you or your freight forwarder.

keywords: Brand Name Bath Lighting Fixtures Guidelines Room Bathroom Light Fixture Lights California Wholesale Vanity Waterproof Bedroom Ceiling Night Reading Candle Chandelier Casablanca Fans Fan Casual Shades Colonial Contemporary Desk Lamps table Country Crystal Chandeliers Dinettes Discount Elegant Entertainment Centers Fiber Optic Cable Contractors Pittsburgh Residential Ultratec Pool Swimming Optics Manufacturer Work Optical Fibre Floor Halogen Lamp Swing Arm Hampton Bay Bays High Tech Home Hunter Interior Kid's Bedrooms Kitchen Island Design Ideas Pendant Troffer Plans Landscape Companies For My Islands Plan Showrooms Store Mission Style Outdoor Pictures Of Rustic Space Brass Wooden Wall Tiffany Tiki Track Wicker commercial TechLighting Spot Options Traditional Alabaster Pendants Semi-flush kable Adjustable Suspensions Flush Sconce Mount Van Teal Quoizel Holtkotter Access American Art Industries Nail Plate Artcraft Arte De Mexico Artemide Baldinger Basic Source Besa Boyd Brett Austin Brodwax Bruck Cambridge Corbett Craftmade Cristal Custom Dabmar Dale Guild Designers Fountain Dezign Edison Effetre ELA Elk

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Brand Lighting
LED Recessed Lighting
Artemide Tizio Collection
Under Cabinet Lights: Puck Lights, Mini Recessed, LEDs, Light Bars, Fluorescent, Xenon, Halogen...>
Factory Authorized Sale and Discontinued and Overstock CLEARANCE Fine Art Lamps Lighting
WAC Solorail Monorail Kits
Harco Loor Strawberry - Unique customizable handmade pendants, chandeliers, ceiling, table and floor lamps.
Track Lighting: Halo, Juno, Lightolier, WAC, Tech Lighting, Monorail, Besa, LBL Fusion, Miniature Track, Cable Lights, Bruck Flight System...>
Recessed Lighting
Multiple Recessed Lighting
LED Mini Pendants
Quoizel Clearance Sale
Clearance Outdoor Lighting
Besa Clearance Outside Lights
Clearance Chandeliers & Sconces
World Imports Antique Style Outdoor Lighting on Clearance
Uttermost Sale: Mirrors, Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces and more
World Imports Sale: 10 pages of Indoor and Outdoor Sale Lighting
BESA Lighting Sale! Cable-Hung Pendants Clearance Sale
BESA Ceiling Lights >
Craftmade Ceiling Fans Sale
Kalco Lighting Sale Potracks, Contemporary Chandeliers & Pendants, Rustic Outdoor Lighting
Modern Chandeliers
Art Nouveau Chandeliers
Antique Reproduction Chandeliers
Small Antique Style Crystal Chandeliers
Modern Pool table & Island Lights
Black Crystal Chandeliers
Modern Wall Sconces
Modern Flush Ceiling Lights
Modern Ceiling Lights
Contemporary Chandeliers
Modern Pendants
Antique Reproduction Ceiling Lights
NSL Galaxy Fiber Optics Star Ceiling
Contemporary Wall Sconces
Rustic Chandeliers
Eclectic Wall Sconces
Art Nouveau Wall Sconces
Small Antique Reproduction Chandeliers
Eclectic Chandeliers
Modern Large Chandeliers
Contemporary Large Chandeliers
Modern table Lamps
Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Tiffany Stained Glass, Rustic & Eclectic Pool table & Island Lights
Potracks and Lighted Potracks
Glass Mini Pendants
Kalco Lighting
Glass Wall Sconces
Swing Arm Floor Lamps
Fluorescent Ceiling Lights
Crystal Chandeliers
Medallions, Rims and Domes
Wall & Ceiling Spotlights
Van Teal
Hadco NightLife
Adjustable Pendants
Hadco LED Landscape Lights - Hadco LED or Light Emitting Diode fixtures are available in both low voltage and line voltage, and cover applications from accent lighting and path lighting, to step lighting, inground and underwater lighting.
Harco Loor
Tech Lighting Monorail >>
Fire Farm
Besa Lighting
Fine Art Lamps
American Fluorescent








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Brand Lighting
Product Site Map
Brand Site Map
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Bath Lighting
Ceiling Lights
Pendants & Lanterns
Multiple Pendants
Potracks, Lighted Potracks
Ceiling Fans
Wall Sconces & Brackets
Picture Lights
Desk Lamps
Table Lamps
Floor Lamps
Outdoor Lights
Landscape Lighting
Recessed Lighting
Track Lighting
MonoRail Systems
Chandelier Styles
Clearance Chandeliers & Sconces
Clearance Modern Chandeliers
Antique Island Chandeliers
Antique Style Foyer Chandeliers
Art Deco Chandeliers
Art Nouveau Chandeliers
Contemporary Chandeliers
Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers
Contemporary Small Chandeliers
Contemporary Large Chandeliers
Eclectic Chandeliers
Eclectic Large Chandeliers
Eclectic Crystal Chandeliers
Modern Chandeliers P1
Modern Chandeliers P2
Modern Small Chandeliers
Modern Large Chandeliers
Discount Modern Chandliers
Tech Lighting Chandeliers
Oriental Chandeliers
Rustic Chandeliers
Rustic Small Chandeliers
Rustic Large Chandeliers
Traditional Chandeliers P1
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Traditional Crystal
Black & Colored Crystal Chandeliers
Traditional Large Chandeliers
Transitional Chandeliers
Transitional Crystal Chandeliers
Transitional Small Chandeliers
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Adjustable Chandeliers
Fluorescent Chandelier
Chandeliers with Downlights
Alabaster Chandeliers
Harco Loor Chandeliers
Pendants & Lanterns
Clearance Pendants
Besa Clearance Mini-Pendants
Besa Clearance Mini-Pendants
Besa Clearance Mini-Pendants
Besa Clearance Midi-Pendants
Besa Clearance Midi-Pendants
Antique Style Pendants
Antique Foyer Pendants
Antique Style Lanterns
Antique Style Mini Pendants
Antique Style Large Pendants
Art Deco Pendants
Art Nouveau Pendants
Art Nouveau Mini Pendants
Contemporary Pendants P1
Contemporary Pendants P2
Discount Contemporary Pendants
Contemporary Crystal Pendants
Large Contemporary Pendants
Contemporary Lanterns
Contemporary Mini Pendants
Contemporary Multi Pendants
Eclectic Pendants
Eclectic Mini Pendants
Eclectic Multiple Pendants
Eclectic Crystal Pendants
LED Mini Pendants
Modern Pendants P1
Modern Pendants P2
Large Modern Pendants
Modern Mini Pendants
Modern Multiple Pendants
WAC Mono & Multi Pendants
Oriental Pendants
Rustic Pendants
Rustic Mini Pendants
Rustic Multiple Pendants
Traditional Pendants
Transitional Pendants
Transitional Mini Pendants
Fluorescent Pendants
Fluorescent Mini Pendants
WAC Pendants & Fluorescent Pendants
Adjustable Pendants
WAC Adjustable Pendants
Alabaster Pendants
Crystal Pendants
Tiffany Pendants
Bowl Pendants
Glass Pendants
Tech Lighting Larger Pendants
Tech Lighting 120V Pendants
Mini Glass Pendants P1
Mini Glass Pendants P2
Multiple Glass Pendants
WAC Quick Connect Pendants P1
WAC Quick Connect Pendants P2
Pot Racks & Lighted Pot Racks
MonoRail Systems
Besa Monorail Packaged Kits, Rail & Components
Bruck Lighting Enzis Flexible Track
Bruck Flight System
LBL Fusion Monorail
LBL LED Illuminated MonoRail
Tech Lighting MonoRail
WAC Solorail Monorail Kits & System
Tech Lighting T-Trak
WAC Flexrail 1 Modern Track Lighting
Flexrail 2 High Capacity Track Lighting
Bruck Lighting High-Line Cable
Tech Lighting Kable Lite
Tech Accessories & Optical Controls:
WAC Shades, Shields, Lenses & Accessories
Picture Lights
Picture Lights P1
Picture Lights P2
Wall or Ceiling Spot Lights P1
Wall or Ceiling Spot Lights P2
NSL Xenon Picture Lights
WAC Display & Picture Lights
How to Light Art Successfully
Traditional & Antique Style Mirrors
Rustic & Eclectic Mirrors
Clearance Bath Lighting
Antique Reproduction
Art Deco Bath
Art Nouveau Bath
Contemporary Bath
Contemporary Hardware
Modern Bath
Linear Wall Bars
Eclectic Bath
Oriental Bath
Rustic Bath
Rustic Hardware
Traditional Bath
Transitional Bath
Crystal Bath Lighting
Besa Bath & Vanity Lights
Fine Art Lamps Bath Collections
FLOS Wall Lights
Kalco Bath Lights & Mirrors
Tech Lighting Bath & Mirrors
WAC Bath Wall Sconces
Bath Lighting Basics
Bath Lighting Planning
Bath Lighting Design
Clearance Outdoor Lights
Antique Reproduction
Art Deco Outside Lights
Art Nouveau Lights
Contemporary Lighting
Eclectic Outdoor Lights
Modern Outdoor Lights
Rustic Outdoor Lights
Transitional Outdoor Lights
Besa Damp Ceiling Lights
Besa Outdoor Wall Sconces
Besa Outdoor Stainless Steel
Hubbardton Forge Outdoor Lights
Artemide Outdoor Lighting
Bulkheads, Outdoor Wall Sconces
Security Lighting
Anastasia Outdoor Lanterns
Chalet Outdoor
Craftsman Outdoor
Enchantment Outdoor
Gatsby Outdoors
Hartford Outdoors
Ponderosa Outdoor
Santa Barbara Outdoor
Tudor Outdoor
Devon Outdoor
Southbrook Outdoor
Sussex Outdoor
Wickliffe Outdoor
Aspen Collection
Beekman Place
Chateau Outdoor
Conservatory Collection
Costa del Sol Collection
Gramercy Park Outdoor
Louvre Outdoor
Malmaison Outdoor
Portsmouth Outdoor
Landscape Lighting
Under Counter, Task & Display
Kichler LED Discs
NSL LED Surface Star
NSL LED Mini Star Light
NSL Xenon Mini Light
NSL Halogen Mini Light System
Kichler Dimmable LED
Kichler Modular LED
NSL LED Shelf Star
NSL LED Task Light
NSL Xenon Task Light
Quoizel Xenon Counter Effects
WAC LED & Xenon Light Bars
WAC Fluorescent Light Bars
NSL Brite Strip
NSL LED Brite Strip
Convert Brite Strip to LED
Brite Strip Fascia Extrusion
Brite Strip Cove Reflector
WAC Linear Cabinet Lighting
WAC InvisiLED LED Tape Lights
Bruck Lighting Orion Belt
NSL Micro LED Light Strip
NSL Light Rope
Picture Lights
Lighted Pot Racks
Track Lighting
Clearance Outdoor Lighting
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Golden Aura
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